Symbioun provides ongoing sustenance for new products, multiple product versions (including legacy versions), and end-of-life support. Symbioun's sustenance methodology is illustrated in the figure below.

Symbioun's approach to Sustenance is geared to deliver significant tangible benefits to its customers.

  • Comprehensive product portfolio assessment for maximizing ROI                                                                      
  • Eliminate risk of obsolescence through planned migration and upgrades
  • Comprehensive knowledge management services to reduce dependence on silos of product feature expertise
  • Well defined path to migrate to a Service Level Agreement (SLA) driven engagement model
  • Defect analytics to pin-point sources of potential issues and a proactive approach in plugging the source of defects

When products do not meet the desired performance levels, or when there is a need to study the performance capability of a system, Symbioun has a core set of capabilities to address these needs. Symptoms of poor performance may be in response times of pages, stability of the system where it may become unavailable periodically, or when it is not able to scale with a growing user population. The solution may be in product implementation, in the deployment infrastructure or both.

We offer services to measure product performance using tools, identify bottlenecks in the application, and resource utilization. Once the performance bottlenecks are identified, we go through a corrective phase to improve the code and/or design, or suggest an infrastructure that provides the required performance.

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