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Product Development
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Symbioun provides end-to-end Project & Product development services that includes proof-of-concept, feasibility study, rapid prototyping, complete offshore product development, and deployment. We understand the challenges of rolling out a new product and have adopted a set of best practices that ensure successful new product rollout. Our flexible delivery model allows for agile teams to be deployed at customer locations, or have the team work out of our offshore delivery center.

  • Emphasis on understanding customer's business through a team deployment model that facilitates closer interaction during the ideation / conceptualization phase and usage of tools such as Wikis.
  • Tool driven approach for greater productivity across the product development lifecycle.
  • Agile development methodology to manage evolving requirements. Test-driven development, continual deliveries, scrum meetings, refactoring are some of the key practices that are adopted by our project teams.

Commercial models for new product development services: 

Time and Material (T&M)

This model is suitable for setting up an extended software engineering team that works on new product development on an on-going basis.

Fixed-Bid Model

In projects that have a well-defined scope of work, the fixed-bid model provides tight control on budgetary spend provided a proper change management process is in place. New product development rarely meets these criteria. However, Symbioun has built complete product components using these models.

Hybrid Model

A combination of T&M model (at the start of the project), followed by a fixed-bid model (when scope of work is finalized) provides the best of both of the T&M and Fixed-Bid models. Customers find it easier to take a decision on new product development initiatives when presented with this option.

Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT)

Symbioun is also open to a BOT model on a case by case basis. Symbioun works with the customer to agree on the transfer pricing model and other commercial terms for a BOT engagement. This model allows the customer to absorb the team, and in some cases the infrastructure as well, after certain duration of the product development engagement.

Revenue Share Model

Symbioun can share business risks with the customer by working on a revenue share model. Symbioun takes up such engagements on a select basis after taking into consideration the industry and market potential. The customer pays for a % of costs up-front and shares a % of future new product revenues with Symbioun. 

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Symbioun’s corporate office is located in New Jersey and has offices in Atlanta, GA and OSP Office in Hyderabad, India.

Symbioun's offshore services partner is located in Hyderabad, one of India's prominent software hubs.